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Rays Business Associates Limited have the aim to provide high-quality professional development and operational services. The directors of Rays Business Associates Limited have the perception that most small businesses and business men face two big problems. They do not have training or evolution capital and the deep knowledge required to concentrate on their businesses from a true "directorship" point of view. Both result in minor expectations, deficiency of professional and personal development and recurrent owner exhaustion. We believe that we can eliminate these weaknesses to capture market share.


The directors of the company look at each contract as an agreement not between a company and its customers, but between partners who wish to develop a close and mutually-advantageous deep rooted relationship. This will help to attain greater durable profits through frame of reference and regular business.


The creation of a one of kind, prosperous, unorthodox environment that will differentiate Rays Business Associates Limited from other management consultancy companies.

Business Goals

We have analysed the previous performance of consultancy industry and we have designed such business and strategy which is comprised of skill, hard work and integrity.


Rays business Associates Limited has several distinct advantages over the competitors in area of its management consultancy services.

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