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About Us

The company will provide its management services in the most successful way and with a continuous complete quality-control program to supply client contentment. The directors of the company look at each contract as an agreement not between a company and its customers, but between partners who wish to develop a close and mutually-advantageous deep rooted relationship. This will help to attain greater durable profits through frame of reference and regular business.

  • Management Summary

    Mr Rashid Mustafa has done bachelors in commerce and Masters in Business Administration, he knows all the ways to run the business successfully. Besides this he has done a diploma in management studies as well which has further polished his knowledge. He has got three years of work experience as an accounts manager at a surgical instruments companies in Pakistan. He has supervised operations at Hollister. Mr Waqas Manzoor has done Masters in Innovative Management and a diploma in strategic management and leadership. He has got high potential of running a successful business. All business strategies will be designed and implemented keeping in view the qualification and skills of the owners. They have the knowledge about the internal and external economies of scale that are required in trade.

  • Recruitment

    Staff will be hired keeping in view their knowledge and skill level and their growth potential. Equal opportunities will be given to each and every one to make progress and flourish. Discrimination of any kind will not be allowed. Employees will be trained properly and a highly skilled sales team will be formulated. We will design our organization to help businesses tackle their toughest issues. We believe that having the right strategy is important, but only if you are able to execute successfully.

  • Benefits

    • Following are the benefits that Rays Business Associates Limited offer:
    • Vista on a matter or business - an impartial point of view.
    • A comprehensive evaluation of the situation and help to explain likely problems.
    • A review of the performance of business in the area of strategy,administrative indemnity, advertising, production, point of sale effectiveness, and customer contentment.
    • Following are the benefits that Rays Business Associates Limited offer: